In my not-so-extensive searches on "the net," I have yet to find a page with any information on Blank. So I decided to solve that little problem and make one. Here it is. Kerry from Blank and his sister Sarah helped me out a bunch so I'd like to say thanks to them. If anyone else has any pictures or anything else of Blank, please email me. You'll get credit of course. I'd really like to find some interviews with the band, so get in touch if you know of one. I'll even transcribe that bad boy. That's how much I like this band.

I had to redo this main page because Tripod thought it would be funny to delete it. Anyway, this is page is rarely updated, mainly because Blank broke up. However, there has been talk of a reunion show or two, so you can be sure that I'll post anything I hear about that up here. In the meantime, Ryan now plays in the band Cross My Heart, and Kerry and Lee play in The Future Perfect. Both bands are excellent, in my opinion.

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